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Thursday, March 18, 2010

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I Knit Weekender AND Design Competition

We're made up, as we say in Liverpool, that the I Knit Weekender tickets are now on sale. We're a bit later than usual, because we've been so busy and also because it's kind of our birthday this month.

Happy Birthday to us! We're four. Well, four and a bit, really. It's hard to beleive. Sometimes it feels like eight years, other times it feels more like 4 minutes.

So much has happened in the past 4 years and the UK knitty world has developed so much, even since I Knit started. I love being part of this world, as I'm sure everyone who knows me, or who reads this blog or has ever had anything to do with I Knit will in fact already know. I do go on, I know.

Anyway, the Weekender. Last year was so much hard work, that it's hard to beleive it's all happening again. It's not really hard work - planning for our contribution to the Ideal Home Show has been hard work. Say it with me, 17 days. 17 whole days! It's been traumatic, to be honest, but that's because of the organisers, who maybe should have a less ironic title. Least said soonest mended. or something. Hopefully.

Erm...yes, the Weekender. We've booked lots of stuff, and teachers, most of them the Best of British and we are very excited. The class schedule will be published very soon. The market is looking great again this year. I thought last year's was a little too big so it's a little bit refined this year. There will be just as much gorgeous yarns, I can't wait already. I don't have to, though, because I've already had an overload of Knitwitches yarns.

We are currently the only people in the world selling Knitwitches hand dyed swiss cashmere and silk. There's almost non left, to be fair. It's so soft in your fingers you can hardly feel it. I also got a good dose of the Knitwitch herself because she delivered the yarn in person, she is seriously gorgeous and I wish I saw her more!

The star of this year's Weekender will be the knitting design competition, I'm thrilled to say. The competition was launched earlier this week. I'm thrilled because there is so much knitting and design talent out there and I want to see more!

There are three categories to the competition. Lace. Accessories. Full size garments. Submitions will be judged by a panel of independent industry professionals, aka independent adjudicators. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category which means you have nine opportunities to be a winner, with three top prizes of £250 and the chance to be published in a knitting magazine I suppose the competition gives you the opportunity to be the star of the show!

Guidelines are available from Lorraine.

With all this going on it's not surprising, I suppose, that my knitting and design work has taken a beating. I'll leave you, then, with the beatiful words of Little Dragon as featured on Empire Ants on the new Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach. Without this album (and coffee) Imight be a mere shell of a man.

little memories, marching on
your little feet working the machine
will it spin? will it soar?
my little dream working the machine