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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Salisbury, St Martin's Lane, 29th June 2006

Another I Knit London meeting, another great night in the pub - thanks to all those who came along, new and old alike. The Salisbury proved a great meeting place, despite arriving late and not being able to secure outside seating! But we ended up inside this historic pub (those fmailiar with Joseph Losey's seminal 1963 film 'The Servant' will recognise it from, ahem, seedier times).

Generally lots of blue squares were knitted for the Knit A River project, and it was great to see support from Sally and Mary from WaterAid, but there were those with their own projects on the go (we certainly don't discriminate against those who choose to knit their own stuff!) - good luck to Patrizia who is creating an embroidered cushion cover for her sister's birthday...next year!

Here's a selection of pics, so, thanks again to all those who came, and thanks to the Salisbury - Gerard recommends their Tuna burgers.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

25th June at Spitalfields....

Another glorious Sunday at Spitalfields Market (although being under cover, we don't see much of the sunshine!) - while England were seeing to Ecuador we had a grand time meeting some new knitters at the market stall - including Jeremy Hackett (of Hackett of Bond Street dontcha know) who has requested a pair of socks be knit for him with the genius Opal self-patterning sock yarn - Gerard has his 2.5mm double point toothpicks at the ready as I write.

But we also met some people who can knit for themselves, so thanks to all those who stopped by for a chat, especially Lyn and Astrid (new I Knit London members we hope!) who were delightful. We had the first part (tributary?) of I Knit and WaterAid's 'Knit A River' project on display today - including some new squares from the USA and New Zealand - and thanks to those who dropped by with squares at the stall today (Eleanor and Mimi). Keep them coming in. Our link on the right hand menu will keep you up to date with the campaign and we'll try to post a random square each week to offer inspiration and thanks to all those who are getting involved.

We'll be away for next Sunday's market as, sadly, we are having a break in southern Spain - but we'll be back on 9th July (unless England make the final.....), so we'll be back on 9th July and it'll be Gerard's birthday too. Come down and say hello and Happy Birthday....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I made in into the WaterAid staff newsletter this month. I did the campaign stall at a Merseytravel event on World Environment Day earlier this month. We were promoting the Empty Glass Campaign, and if your wondering it's a brussel sprout!


Monday, June 19, 2006

Knitted Village, Lancaster

Can you image walking through a knitted village? For a start the idea of being in a village is very appealing.

I want to go!! We will make a special trip next time we go to Liverpool or Carlisle to see family and friends.

Has anyone been?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Knit London

We loose one of our original members at the end of June, Narumi is leaving London to return home to Japan.

We'll miss her very much. At the last meeting Narumi gave Craig and I a gift.

thank you, Narumi, we love them.


I was sitting by our knitting stall in the East End of London on Sunday, happily knitting away with the big needles and plastic bags when who should approach with an enquiring mind but Alexander McQueen.
Now, I don't know if he's a knitter (whaddya think?) but I remained chatty and aloof - I was only knitting a large plastic bag sheet to hang at the back of the stall for a bit of colour, but if he's got knitted carrier bags in his next collection I'm gonna sue!


Cushion Cover

my cushion cover is almost finished. it is greenish silk using ebony lantern moon needles. it's been one of my favorite project as both the needles and the yarn are so smooth it just feels like it knits itself.

from Texas

from Netherlands

from Middlesborough
I Knit, an introduction

For the love of yarn, needles, knitting and being creative, I Knit was started in early 2006 by Gerard and Craig.

We sell online at www.iknit.org.uk as well as as well as Old Spitalfields Market every Sunday from 10am.