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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Liverpool, capital of culture

I went to Liverpool last weekend. It was great to see all my family and friends and their babies. I didn't get any pictures of baby Louie but I did manage a couple of my god-daughter and her brother, Iris and Daniel. Me and Daniel fell in love, it was also the first time Iris properly talked to me. I don't see them that often so I'm not that familiar but she caved when I presented her with her most favorite thing in the whole world. A tit. Well it's a booby-yacker and it's knitted but it was still very appreciated, especially when it was stuffed down her t-shirt.
Blelow is a pic of my sister wearing her fabulous scarf. It's from Victorian Lace Today and it's in Habu silk. I did it ages ago but never managed to take pictures. Max was into being in the picture and we were in a rush so no time to argue.
Max today had her first scan. She has a beautiful little baby niece or nephew for me. Little baby Gerard has only been brewing for 3 months so it's going to be a summer baby. Just like me, yay!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Another hangover, another knitting do last night. G and I went along to the official launch party for the new Weardowney: Knit Couture book in swanky Fitzrovia. As the event was partly sponsored by Hendricks Gin and Thorntons sweets you can imagine how my head and stomach feel this morning!

Weardowney launched at London Fashion Week in 2004 by founders Amy Wear and Gail Downey. Their fabulous Marylebone boutique offers custom-made handknits and more, in stylish surroundings and with a laudable outlook, promoting handknitting and creating some stunning designs. The party last night, at The Georgian Group, gave us all a chance to check out some of their creations, paw over the book and strike a few poses amongst the fashionistas. All that and cakes from Paul, canapés and cocktails!

We've had a copy of the book in the IKL shop for a while and it really is a thing of beauty. Quite inspirational too, G and I are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to promote knitting in all forms, so it's great to see we're not alone. Our brains are filled with ideas and shortly we should have more time to fulfill them! As the end of another year comes we're looking forward to 2008 with IKL going from strength to strength, expanding our knitty horizons - and everyone's welcome to be a part of it....watch this space!

After last night's party it's put us in mind of our own Christmas do too. We are having a well-earned break over Christmas so we've decided that on Thursday 20th, which will be the last IKL group meet-up of the year, we'll also host a little soirée for Xmas. Invites will be going out this week to all our Facebook group members, Ravelry group members and real-life group members too!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beautiful Bonnington Square...

G is away in Liverpool for a couple of days, visiting family and friends, and staying out til 4am according to his phonecall this morning. At our age that's a bit reckless. Anyways, I opened up the shop this morning and upon entering the world of Bonnington Square came upon this fragrant steaming pile. Now, we've been in the square for over a year now and it throws up some bizarre sights every so often, but piles of giant dinosaur turd, fresh, isn't a regular occurence. For anyone who has visited the shop they'll know just exactly what the square is like - an oasis, a sanctuary, a surprise. It's also home to the small but perfectly formed 'pleasure garden', a piece of reclaimed land that serves as a community garden, children's playground and refuge from the rest of Vauxhall. This is all in zone 1, just yards away from the six-lane South Lambeth Road, railway bridges and packed Vauxhall bus and Tube terminal. I remember first discovering the place a few years ago, meeting G for lunch in the brilliant unpretentious café and just being in awe of the place - not just the quietude, but the totally unexpected community feel, the jungle-like streets and the exotic flowers and plants. It's only because of the café that the shop, as it is, and where it is exists. We have often talked about the square here on the blog and at the knitting group but I don't think we've ever really given it, and it's people, enough credit for what they have created and for what that gives to us at I Knit London. We're the only shop anywhere near and some might say it's a business nightmare...but for us, our little knitting shop and sanctuary seems the perfect fit.
So, back to the pile of poo...the tireless garden association were having one of their regular gardening days today, hence enough manure to save the Amazon rainforest piled in the street. One of the wonders of the square is the upkeep, the spirit that keeps the square 'local'. Here's Draeyk, one of the first to pop his head round the door when we opened and a constant inspiration. If you've never visited the Bonnington Square café try Vegan Thursday - superb food, more than you could imagine and all fresh too. Apart from watching the squirrels playing in the square in summertime, the other thing that makes me smile is Draeyk cycling past on his way back from the allotment with a bike rack full of veg, knowing a few hours later it'll be served up to a packed crowd in the café!
The square is a model of how to still remain a community in the heart of a capital city and everyone who takes part in this community should be rightly proud. If you come along to any IKL event at the shop you must add a trip to the café to your visit - real food, great atmosphere and nastertiums in your salad!
(Thanks to Lynsey for the pics)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Here we go round the Mulberry Bush...

I always find it difficult to get out of bed of a morning, especially on days like today. One of those gorgeous winter dawns where the sun is shining but the air is crispy and curling up under the duvet is like being back in the womb. Sadly, needs must and up we got.

I have a knitting hangover today, thanks to another great I Knit London knitting group night at the pub. Our alternate Wednesday pub nights continue apace with new knitters, old knitters and some crocheters too. Last night we met at The Mulberry Bush, a Youngs pub on the South Bank and were well met by a packed bar, Winter Warmer Ale and some smily knitting faces.
This was a new pub to the IKL club and it suited well. Good enough light, three choices of ale, plus the usual light pub grub. The evening was a little surreal as the venue is opposite the London Studios and The Graham Norton Show were filming 'ladies taking off their bras without removing their tops' at the front of the pub. I've been reliably informed that this is actually quite an easy thing to do, although none of the knitters felt the urge to get up and do it on the telly. I'm slightly bemused by this obsession gay men have with breasts - G, can you explain?
Another highlight of the evening was a FWIP moment (finished work-in-progress) - Alix held aloft her majestic lace shawl and it was a sight to behold. Still, after two years of doing all this pub knitting it's still surprising that our little gatherings are seen as so eccentric by some of the other drinkers. But, deep down, we love the attention!
More of the same in the shop tonight, and twice a week for the forseeable future!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

it all happened so fast

Lots of people have been telling us how much they enjoyed Saturday. Thank you, you're welcome.

We were thrilled it went so well. I'm still in shock about the whole thing to be honest. For most of the day I felt like I was watching it all on TV.

Thank you to the Knit on the Net team. Our proud sponsors!

Most of all, thanks to everyone who came. People keep saying 'thank you' but really, we just told you where and when to turn up, you did the rest.

If you have any pictures we'd love it if you added them to the flickr group. Craig and I only took a few.

Should we do it all again?


Sunday, November 11, 2007

The morning after the Stitch 'n Bitch Day before...

How was it for you?

From the first excitement back in April when Debbie first asked if we'd like to host an event "around my new book and my first trip to the UK" right up until Friday's night's set up I think we both were still pinching ourselves, feeling like a bit of a fake and wondering how did this happen?"!

From an original germ of an idea, something like Debbie in a room, a pile of books and a few pens to sign them with....we expanded...and expanded and settled for what happened yesterday. What did happen yesterday exactly?....ProbablyJane summed it up brilliantly on her Ravelry post this morning - it was like a big knitting party! Those who know us or come to our knitting group meetings will, I hope, agree that we've always wanted I Knit London to be more than just a shop, or a knitting circle. The social aspect is key to making everyone feel welcome and everyone feeling like they are part of IKL - and everyone is. Yesterday would not have been possible without the cool knittersand fabulous friends who turned up and stayed for the day - settled down, shopped,had a drink or two, met new knitty friends and learnt new stuff in the workshops.

For me, it was just thrilling to see everyone having such a good time, and a genuine 'buzz' about the place (thanks must go especially to the Shellacs for looking glorious as ever and providing the perfect backdrop to the day). I guess we need to thank everyone, from Debbie all the way down to the very last knitters who stayed to the bitter end....

We've set up a Flickr group for y'all to share any pics from the day (did anyone get some of the fashion parade - we'd love to see those!) Feel free to join the group and post away....

We especially liked to see our name in lights at last!! (Even if they did spell 'stitch' wrong - German girl input this apparently.) Come to this week's knitting club night at the Mulberry Bush on Wednesday for more SnB Day backstage gossip!

...and despite running around like headless chickens for most of the day, Gerard and I really, really enjoyed ourselves! We must do it again sometime...

Origins Ginger Knits stand


Pom Pom International!

Knitted hamsters!

...and lots more!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

DS has landed

Or rather docked. Debbie Stoller is in London, ladies and gentlemen. All the way from New York via Rotterdam.

Welcome to London, Debbie! We've been expecting you.

I can hardly beleive it but the 10 is almost upon us. I can't wait.
I thought I would put this picture up again as it made me laugh so much!

Watch DS on the breakfast news tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This is my new favourite thing! I'm not a fan, usually, of knitted stuff on animals but who could disagree with this pattern?

I've wanted a dog for the whole of my life but I've never had one. Well, years ago I found a stray when I was about 8. I lived in a circular block of flats and one of them was empty so I managed to gain entry and I kept the dog in there for weeks. I realise now that this wasn't a great idea but I loved her so much.
I haven't thought about that for years. Anyway, I'm getting a hamster!

The authors will be at the SnB day on Saturday for a workshop - I can't wait. I hope they bring the animals.


PS sorry for the hideous pictures, this book is gorgeous!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pom Pom International

We are so excited and proud that UK Stitch 'n Bitch Day is presenting Amy and her pom poms this Saturday!
Pom Pom International is an inspired idea. Pom Poms for peace, how lovely.
Amy wil be in the knitting lounge all afternoon on Saturday with lots of yarn and even more energy. Stop by and make a pom pom!

Monday, November 05, 2007


can anyone shed any light on the phenonenan of spamming, please?

I've always just deleted them and tried not to be bothered. Until recently. I am marginally irrate today, after spending most of my lunch time deleting the little bleeders!

Maybe I'm not very bright but I just don't understand the point. Since 1pm yesterday we received hundreds of useless emails. I don't care about stock markets - and I'd never take the advice of someone I've never met, especially in an email! I don't want to increase the size of any of my body parts - nor do I want to reduce any! I have no idea what Personal Puss is and frankly I don't want to know!

I just don't get it. Why would someone waste their time sending these things out? surely there are more rewarding things to occupy your time, do I dare suggest knitting?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Knit a poppy for remembrance day

Our friends at Knit on the Net are raising money for The Royal British Legion by selling a knitted poppy pattern. The pattern is designed by Just call Me Ruby, costs only £2 and is fabulous.

The Royal British Legion provides financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants. Currently, nearly 10.5 million people are eligible for their support and they receive thousands of calls for help every year.

The pattern is available to download for the £2 donation until 11 November.