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Thursday, August 31, 2006

National Knitting Week - an official I Knit London event

So, plans have been decided for our official contribution to National Knitting Week. Whilst we toyed with many ideas we have eventually decided that there can only really be one event that we should plan for - Knit A River. The campaign has taken us all by surprise and with such a huge and varied response from so many thousands of knitters it's only right that we can mark the start of National Knitting Week with the first official outing of the river (so far!)

We have permission to use Jubilee Gardens (the open space directly next to the London Eye on London's South Bank) for our planned event - we are asking for as many knitters, crocheters and sewers (that's people who sew!) to join I Knit London and WaterAid on Saturday 14th October for a mass open-air knit between 11am and 1pm. It's blue squares a gogo and we need those who can knit and those willing to crochet/sew the squares to the river so that it grows before our eyes. The challenge is on for knitters to come together in one place and really make a difference....

The river is fast becoming a symbol of the knitting community across the globe, with stories of first time knitters picking up needles, to accomplished crocheters creating unique designs for their ripple in the ever growing river. Please continue to spread the word, send us your stories and photos. From the man who hadn't knit since he was at school 46 years ago, to the lady who produced over 100 squares in a day we continue to be amazed by the encouragement and the support from everyone who contributes.

Thanks to everyone so far who have put the word "WaterAid" and their work into the hearts and minds of so many more people and for showing that creativity and passion can be a genuine force for change. Keep those squares coming, and let's make 14th October a spectacular BLUE day!

Friday, August 25, 2006

trees in cities

we need more trees


The Black Friar, yellow paint, blue squares....

Another knitting hangover this morning thanks to our meeting at The Black Friar last night. A little gem of a pub tucked up against the railway bridge opposite Blackfriars Station with lovely green tiles giving the impression of sitting in a very posh toilet! We commandeered almost an entire room and the knitting was enthusiastic. It's always great to welcome new members so thanks to those who came last night, and we continued the trend started at The Wellington a few weeks ago of accosting random strangers and opening their eyes to the joy of knit - at one point everyone in our little annexe was knitting or learning to cast on/cast off. It was good to see lots of personal projects on the go too as well as the blue squares - I've started my own 'curtain' as we have a doorway to cover. Net curtains cut into strips and then knitted back into a curtain - it's like messing with the natural order, but that isn't always a bad thing ;) It's on the fabulous BIG needles (1" diameter, we discovered) so it's quick and easy.....

Before all the knitting I spent most of the day with Tom painting the shop. We decided to go the whole hog and go with the 'I Knit London' yellow....and it's bright but we love it. There's no chance of missing us for late night knitting, and all the planes on the way over to land at Heathrow should be able to spot us on the way past. Everything continues apace and we're all set for next Saturday's big day....

Some good news from WaterAid too. We received the go-ahead for our planned Knit A River event in Jubilee Gardens (that's the big open space next to the London Eye). It'll take place during National Knitting Week in October and we hope to have a mass knit of blue squares with as many people as possible taking part. The exact structure of the day hasn't been finalised but we'll post more about it here and on the website.

From our next meeting onwards we are moving to a Wednesday night - this is necessitated by Gerard starting his night class. So, the next meeting will be 6th September, upstairs at the Crown and Two Chairmen, Dean Street, Soho. Another no smoking area and it's got lots of space and lovely comfy chairs, which we'll try to grab from 5pm onwards. One last word....we have ended up with an umbrella and a jacket left over at the pub last night...let us know if they are yours!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cancellations on the Victoria Line, but cakes and beer and the Metro ran smoothly.....

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday to add their blue squares to the growing River. With the weather on and off all day we still managed to fit in some great photos for the Metro (despite the original plan of knitting on the Tube not coming to fruition). in a way it was a good thing as it means the article will run nationally in the Metro and it was felt that photos on the Tube wouldn't mean much to people in Manchester or Edinburgh. Still, a good time was had by all and we should have some brilliant shots of the River from Vauxhall Bridge. The article should be in on the 4th September to get down to your nearest station and grab a copy.

It was then back to the shop for drinks and nibbles. Special thanks to those who brought home-made cookies and cakes and thanks to the Bonnington cafe for the use of the loo! It was a long day which ended at 11pm with a delicious meal at The Coriander with Erica and Esther....and up at 7am this morning for painting! Apologies to anyone who may have visited Spitalfields to see us over the past 2 weeks as we just haven't been able to make it due to commitments with getting ready for the shop opening. But we'll be back next week for sure, and we'll have a selection of our new stock to pore over.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Pete wins BB, i win the Spanish Lottery, we don't paint the shop.....

Friday night...should've been painting over the cracks in the shop with our delightful white/magnolia mix. Instead, we needed to be home in time for BB! I know it's not socially acceptable to admit to watching it, but actually we did and we ain't ashamed. It did give me the chance to finish my scarf that I started about 7 months ago...it's the first thing I attempted to knit so it was garter stitch all the way in a lovely shade of grey - but I love it all the more for it's minimalism. I'm going to sew a couple of buttons on though to give it a bit extra...although the buttonholes caused a few problems today.

We're still moving furniture around and arguing about just where exactly our lovely Chesterfield will go (if you're coming tomorrow for knitting blue squares please stick your oar in and let us know, but bear in mind we open in 2 weeks so it isn't exactly tidy! The Square is full of such lovely, chatty, crafty types that we don't get much done of an evening as we're too busy making friends and chit-chat. Nevermind though, did I mention we had a lovely sofa that you come and sit on for a drink and a chat?

Hurrah for Pete! I think I'm a winner too because I received a letter all the way from Spain today to tell me I'd won £700,000 in the Spanish lottery. All I need to do to claim it is send back the form with my bank details and they'll transfer the money straightaway. I'm so lucky...and I don't even remember ever playing the Spanish lottery!

Til tomorrow then. Hope to see lots of folk there for Knit A River....the Metro will be taking some pics so put your best frocks on and have a great day. Unfortunately I've still got my day job to do so while I'm selling tickets for London's hottest period dramas do enjoy yourselves, won't you? Gerard will be there to look after you all.

I Knit London

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stockport, Chesterfield and 2 weeks to go

Well, the countdown has really begun with 2 weeks to the opening. Yesterday I drove to Stockport and back in 8 hours to collect a lovely old Chesterfield sofa so all of our visitors can knit in a bit of retro luxury. It's lovely, come and try it out at one of our late night knits! Of course, I didn't miss a Knit A River opportunity and stopped in at the Reddish Community Centre where I interrupted a game of bingo to get a flyer stuck up - we are hoping for an influx of blue squares from Stockport very soon! So, a delightful drive back to London just as soon as we arrived, but there was cold beer waiting at the Beehive so that was worthwhile after all - and the sofa looks a treat. G is working on his giant yellow beanbags for more lounging, and all the gorgeous yarns are here (almost). Oooh it looks lovely, honest.

Craig x

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Knitting a River on the Victoria Line - 19th August

This Saturday we'll be taking up a carriage on the Victoria line tube train to gather together lots of knitters and knit some blue sqaures for the Knit A River campaign.

All are welcome! Please join us at the I Knit London shop, 13 Bonnington Square, Vauxhall for refreshments between midday and 1pm this Saturday, 19th August. From there it's a 5 minute walk to Vauxhall tube station where we'll raid a carriage and knit our way to Walthamstow and back. We chose the Victoria Line because it's close and it's blue (get it?).

We'll return to Bonnington Square afterwards for more refreshments, and there's always the fantastic Bonnington Cafe available if you're peckish. It should be a fun day out and a productive one too. We're hoping for some press interest from the Metro, and it should prove a public spectacle too so the more knitters the better.

Hope to see you there. Email us at iknitlondon@iknit.org.uk if you need more info...

Friday, August 11, 2006

knit a river

they are coming in fast!

these pictures are a week old and so the mountain has grown. thanks you everyone who has contributed so far.
Keep them coming.
I Knit London

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Craft Night at Notting Hill Arts Centre

We made it along last night to the Craft Night in W11 - a basement bar and club where everything was laid on for us to make finger puppets. A great opportunity to meet fellow crafty folk, have a drink, listen to some live music (electropop from 'Toy') and an eclectic mix of tunes from the DJs. I must admit I had trouble with the sewing, and getting the thread through the needle in half-light was a challenge (although the beer didn't help!). But once we got going it didn't really matter what our puppets turned out like...it's all about creativity, y'know! At one point I was knitting with plastic drinks straws for needles (?!). Congratulations to 'Pedro the Prawn' who walked away with the top prize for being the weirdest creation of the night....check out their MySpace page (www.myspace.com/craftnight) for the next one and make the journey, it's a laugh!

Friday, August 04, 2006

it's all happening now!

Dear Friends and Knitters

I am proud to be able to tell you that I Knit London, a new shop and sanctuary, will soon be open for your pleasure.

The shop is situated less than 5 minutes walk from Vauxhall Tube, Bus and Train Stations in what I call South Central London.

Join us on our opening day 2nd September for knitting chatting refreshment and activities. I Knit London is in Bonnington Square, London's best kept secret. The shop will open from 4pm (for the first few weeks) and will be open every evening not just for shopping but also for knitting. Saturday and Sunday opening at 10am til late.

Nights will be themed.

Tuesday wil be massage night - Let Lioba smooth out your tension with a relaxing head/neck/shoulder massage.

Wednesday will be a music eve - you be the dj! bring 5 tracks to play to the rest of the group, either a playlist on your ipod or vinyl or cd.

Thursday is the regular I Knit London knitting club - they will be held at the shop and as usual in a pub on alternate weeks.

Friday will be Boys night! All are welcome. I Knit London beleive we need to promote the art to, and share it with, more of our brothers.

Saturday night will be a free for all.

Sunday will be knit for yourself night. A chance for you to dedicate time to that project that is for you and only you.

The shop will be opening some evenings before the 2nd September so if you would like to visit send me an email and we'll see you there.

The shop is open to all, knitters and non knitters. I look forward to seeing you there.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

been a long time

Hi everyone

I'm sorry it's been so long since our last update - I don't know where to start!

The river was in an exhibition at The London College of Communication. That was very exciting - Handing Down The Memory Cloth was a student led project that involved different community crafy groups and their work. It was very inspiring.

The market is quiet at the moment as it's summer but we still love it and it's great to see some regulars and get support for the river.

Our new shop - I Knit London- in Vauxhall, is taking up most of our time at the moment. We are busy cleaning, stocking and arranging the opening which we hope to be at the beginning of September. The shop will be a knitters sanctuary offering fantastic yarns, needles, inspiration and an opportunity to knit - come, shop, stay, knit. More news on the shop soon.

We love our knitting club! We have such a good time as it's great to be knitting out in public and meeting new friends and going to new places. Our last meeting at The Wellington at the end of The Strand was great with lots of new and regular faces.

Knit a river has had a little bit of press, too! There was a great piece in My Weekly and another in Simply Knitting's August issue.

I hope you are all well and knitting and thinking about what you'll be kniting in the winter months.

I Knit Londonxx