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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Visitors...from Uruguay, from New Jersey, from outer space...!

Having a knitting shop in central London means we get lots of visitors...from near, from far and from all over the place. I sometimes wish we'd started some sort of album to record everyone we meet, whether at the knitting group, the shop or out and about. I think it was Quentin Crisp who once said his ambition was to meet everyone on Earth before he died. Well, we're quite far off but we do get the chance to meet quite a few folk! And knitters are generally a pretty interesting bunch. A few weeks ago we had a visit from Tom and Sue from Artesano, along with Rodolfo, general manager at Manos del Uruguay. Rodolfo and his wife were visiting the UK from, well, Uruguay, and visited a few shops sticking their gorgeous yarns. Manos is a co-operative of over 800 women, producing and supplying hand spun, hand dyed yarns and wools. It's one of Gerard's favourites. Just last week we had a visit from Doris Jenne who runs her own yarn store in New Jersey, A Yarn For All Seasons. We get a lot of yarn shop folks passing through on holiday and checking out the UK versions. We like to do the same - we popped into Knitwits in Penzance whilst on our hols last week.

One of our most regular vistors though is Mia. We're sad that we won't be seeing her much anymore. She comes in regularly to get out of the heat and/or the rain and have a quiet kip in our basement. She belongs to Andrea, lovely Andrea who sells flowers from her market stall outside the shop. Sadly Andrea's decided to give it up for now - so no more Mia. We're sad, we'll miss them! The picture is of Mia fulfilling one of I Knit London's remits - relaxing!

A few months ago we started to make a 'rogue's gallery' of our visitors to the knitting group witha Polaroid of everyone to put up on our wall - now Polaroid have only gone and decided they're not making the iconic Polaroid film anymore. It's a travesty!

Very soon we'll be invaded by visitors of a different sort. Our new Knit Your Own Alien! Competition has just been launched for I Knit Day! Originally we'd had the idea of a Dr. Who knitting competition but we've decided to shelve that idea due to recent issues with the BBC...but, not ones to give up an idea easily we've decided that knitters are far too creative to just copy other people's aliens, so why not just create your own? The possibilities are endless! Anyone can enter, any age, from any planet - you just need to get them to us by Saturday 6th September....or bring them along to the show on the day. Mazzmatazz, now something of an expert on such matters ,will join with Yarn Harlot to judge the entries and there may even be a special guest judge too (if they don't keep saying they're busy!) A super-sooper prize will be given to the winning alien entry, which we still have to decide on. Follow the link above for full details and how to take part.



M-H said...

Just as well I wasn't there with the man from Manos. I would have stuck a 2mm needle in his ribs and ordered him to "Take me to your yarn!" :)

Sweet Camden Lass said...

I think I have a box of the film at home somewhere (probably not in date, to be honest), but would you like it if I can find it?

Gerard & Craig said...

Yes please. We are trying to stock up and we're happy to pay for it. Drop it inot the shop or let us know if you find it.

Sweet Camden Lass said...

Be not silly! I wouldn't dream of asking you to pay, particularly since I don't know if it'll work. I don't have a camera to use it in either (I have it left over from a project involving Brownies and a departing Brown Owl).

I'll try to drop it by today or Tuesday. Very glad to have found it a home!


Ciorstaidh said...

There were no fewer than three boxes in Boots Waterloo as I passed through today...just a heads up.

Sweet Camden Lass said...

Last word on Polaroid Film: according to Snappy Snaps (where I got it originally), Boots bought up the last batch of Polaroid 600, so they're the people to try.

KRGP said...

Hi there, IKL--I'm a soon-to-be visitor arriving next week, and your store is on my to do list (next to the British Museum and the Zoo...). My partner and I write a blog and sell patterns at knittyprofessors.com. I'll be sure to comb my hair, in case I get photo-ambushed. -Katie