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Monday, June 07, 2010

WWKIPD Treasuer Hunt

Our annual World Wide Knit In Public Day Treasure Hunt is this Saturday.

I really can't wait because I love this event. It's been (still is) quite hard work putting it together but fun, too, and I know it's going to be fun.

There is a bingo theme this year! There will be 90 pieces of knitting - graffiti knitting - around London each with their own number. Hunters will have to find all of them to be in with a chance of winning as well as getting lots of other treasures and photographs.

There will be lots of prizes and lots of opportunities to win. Prices include, YARN, DVDs, BOOKS, BOOZE and some other tings not yet acquired.

There will be a couple of surprises on the hunt, too, to keep you entertained and there will be refreshments available at the shop during the marking and awards!

Teams will be up five people, at least one person must be a knitter as you will have to knit as you go as the longest piece of knitting wins a prize. Teams will also need a camera. Things that could be helpful is a London A-Z, a clipboard, a pen, comfy shoes and jelly beans.

Bingo sheets and dabbers will be included! See you on Saturday.

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