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Friday, September 02, 2011

Pan. The Dog.

Pan has a few nicknames. My favorite is 'chicken chaser'. She was given that name by a distraught Annabel, a friend in Devon, after Pan terrified her rather large chicken collection in her rather large garden.

Anyway, she is also Pan the 'wheel sniffer'. A woman just came into the shop with her two young children. One of the children was in a pram and Pan immediate lept off the sofa to investigate the pram. The young girl, not in the pram, was a little startled so I told them that she's interested in the wheels. She like the smell of the wheels.

Pan soon lost interest in the wheels and said hello to the people and the girl was soon in love with Pan and talked to her while her mum shopped for wool and stuff. As Pan sat on the sofa the girl picked up her scooter and raised it to Pan's nose, telling her mum, 'she likes the smell of the wheels, Mummy.'

Just thought I''d share

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