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Friday, July 20, 2012

I Knit Lace Club

I'm currently knitting the fourth installment of the I Knit Lace Club. I'm having a great time dyeing, designing and knitting. The club consists of 4 installments of 100g of lace yarn, each installment comes with 2 lace patterns. I hand dye all of the yarns for my I Knit or Dye label and I thought I would show off some of the designs, all of which are by Jan Curchin or me!

The above two pictures show the design for the third instalment which was 100g and 1200m of 1 ply alpaca, silk and cashmere lace. Jan designed this faroese style shawl - the pattern was actually three-in-one as Jan worked out two sizes and added design instructions to make it a rectangle.

Below is my design for the same yarn. It is a circular shawl with three different designs and a border which measured about 50 inches in circumference.

The scarf directly below is designed by Jan and uses 100g and 400m 100% silk. It was the first installment. The yarn was so loved by Salina that she has just been into the shop and left with another 100g of it in bright pink to use for Elizabeth Freeman's Laminaria Shawl - available from www.knitty.com.

Below is my design for the first installment. It's a super easy triangular shawl with a crochet edge to give it a nice curly frill.

The second installment from me is below. It's a massive triangular shawl using 100g and 800m 60% silk 40% cashmere. It's truely floaty-light. It's based on a print o the wave design and as a triangular shawl it's stunning.

As soon as this club is finished we will be launching another. There will be four installments each with 2 patterns, as usual. Two installments will be 400m and the other two will be 600m. I think these will all be 100% silk. I'm using a swiss spun silk for the final installment of this current club and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's spectacular.

The next lace club will be perfect for those of you who knit Christmas gifts as the installments will be sent out in late August, September, October and November.

If you would like more information call the shop on 020 7261 1338.

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