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Saturday, August 15, 2015

I Knit at Camp Bestival

We had a marvellous time at Camp Bestival again this year. There was a definite increase in the number of young people wanting to learn knitting and crochet. Lot's of happy faces and some that look not so happy but that's only due to the levels of concentration while finger knitting for the first time!

Pompoms were well and truly on the agenda, as usual. Who wouldn't want to look as beautiful and amazing as this young camper?

There was also lots of finger knitting, as usual. We encouraged people to plait the finger knitting and make things like hats...

...or mats...

 ...or coasters.

I taught this reveller to make moss stitch and she was very proud of her new skill! This is picture and story is a little misleading, however, as I work with a team of volunteers who help me run the knitting tent at Camp Bestival. They all work so hard every year and I'm so grateful for their help, skills and friendship. Ros, Annette, Gemma, Nikki, Angela, Heather & Seb, and Mike - thank you for being amazing and making the knitting tent fabulous!

Camp Bestival is an amazing festival for families. There is so much to keep the young people entertained all through the day, not just on the main stage, with lots of treats for adults thrown in. This is the 7th year we've been at Camp Bestival running the knitting tent and we are there because the organisers want us to be. It's amazing to teach young kids (and adults!) and share our love for knitting and crochet and to be given the opportunity to do this at Camp Bestival every year is a testament to how fantastic Rob and Josie Da Bank are. They are helping to engage an army of young people in knitting and crochet and I know this because we get to see lots of regulars who return every year and when they ask to learn something new we are thrilled. Thank you to the Da Banks, your festival is marvellous.

And now it's on to Bestival in September, which is a an entirely different festival! And I can't wait.

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