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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Glastonbury is amazing. I will never moan (publicly) about the mud and the rain. The rain is easy to avoid. The mud is not. Every year I go and come back with mud. It's still in the kitchen but washed from all my clothes, except some is still on my bag.

It took a day for the rain so Wednesday was amazing, I was back stage with WaterAid so spent most of the day waiting for passes and eventually got to pitch my tent at 6ish. Thanks to Lioba, I had trouble with my tent but eventually got it sorted and everyone was very jealous as it sleeps 5 people and has a massive porch, yet there was just me staying in it as Craig could not make it in the end. We spent the evening with cider and wondering round then made our inevitable way to Kings Meadow and the Stone Circle. It was summer solstice but I didn't stay for the day, I was very good as I had to work the next day - more about that later.

Dame Shirley Bassey was, obviously, brilliant and we loved her and chanted her name over and over and over.

I was, obviously, quite close to the front. The second pic is of the screen, shake it Shirley shake it!

This picture is of the back of the screen. I was totally fascinated and amazed by the backstageness of back stage. It was totally unglamourous, though. There were flush toilets but even these were traumatic after a couple of days. There were a few famous people. Some of us began to wonder whether we were being stalked by Will Young. I don't think we were in the end, I think he was just everywhere! I didn't see Kate Moss but I saw her winnebago! It was bigger than the shop!

This is me and T from WaterAid actually on the Pyramid Stage. I was so excited and giddy. The flash wouldn't work on the camera because it was so bright behind. We were actually seeing what Shirley was seeing, apart from the crowds as it was Thursday afternoon!
This is some of the work I had to do on Thursday! I had to do a piece in the press conference in the backstage bar, which was called Lulu's. I was so nervous and when I saw that I had to stand on a platform with a microphone I almost lost it.
Naturally when I had to go up I was great! I had to have the speech in front of me as I was so nervous I thought I would forget everything. Once I heard my accent over the speakers, it was kind of coming from behind me and I was amazing at how much of a Liverpool accent I had, I felt a strange sense of pride and also achievement.
I was talking about WaterAid and campaigning at the festival. There were lots of press and even Michael Eavis himself with his daughter Emily, they both run the festival.
It was an amazing experience. As was the whole festival. Every year it is an amazing experience. I'm glad it's over - it's hard work walking through the mud when you are completely sober - but I am already excited about next year.

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