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Friday, June 08, 2007

Moves and movies...

While the cat's away....Gerard was in Germany this week for the G8 summit (not rioting!). As a very important WaterAid person he has to go to these things and speak to important people about important issues because he's very important. Meanwhile I got free rein to redo the IKL shop - made some more space, moved our leather sofa and made a cosy little hidey-hole for knitting and generally tidied up a bit - you'd be amazed the amount of fluff you get in a yarn store! The move was successful (I think) - Gerard made his thoughts perfectly clear and thanked me for all my hard work when he got back last night. Our Tuesday night class certainly had more room to swing their crochet hooks around - it's just a shame the organisation failed and we ended up with too many pupils. May I take another opportunity here to apologise to those who we couldn't accommodate, and to Sue, our teacher, who was looking like she was about to smack me around the head.

So, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday spending almost 24 hours a day in the place it was gratifying to have G back on Thursday night to help out with the kitchen which I'd neglected in favour of the 'public' space. I was having a little 'me' time, watching All About Eve at the Thursday film night, which, incidentally, was brill. Thursdays have become something of a haven for me as it's time to stop working and have a couple of hours to switch off. It was nice not to be working for a change, and I can indulge myself by choosing movies I want to see (sorry, Starship Troopers next week!). It's no secret that I always wanted a film shop, and once upon a time I had an enviable collection of about 2000 movies, rare and weird and sometimes embarrassing and mainstream (on VHS, remember that?) Sadly they went down the Ebay road when it was decided that we needed more space and money for yarn. I fear my record collection is heading the same way, but recently I've realised that life should be easier without any of this guff anyway.

I've taken time off from the main job at the National Theatre this week to cover the shop and tomorrow am off again for Worldwide Knit in Public Day - we're hoping to have a gathering in Trafalgar Square from 12pm to 2pm, with a suitcase full of yarn and needles for passers-by to get involved. You can bring whatever you like to knit, or help us make some mini woolly hats for Innocent Drinks' Age Concern campaign - we have money off yarn vouchers and free Innocent Drinks tokens to give out too. If it rains, well, that would be typical, but we'll still be there! This is a worldwide day of events, so there's loads of knitters all over the place getting their purl out in public - of course we're used to it, meeting up all over the place. We still try to come up with new ways to get knitting noticed, to promote the craft and the get people back 'on the needle' - it's always funny when we see one (or more) of our ideas appropriated elsewhere. Quite flattering really.


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Kate said...

Hope it goes well tomorrow and the rain stays away. I won't be there to join you as I am busy revising for exams...