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Friday, December 07, 2007

the new issue of www.knitonthenet.com is live and it's great. I especially love the scarves!

I love the cowl and hat, the talk of the town, the jaffa cake, the beanie and scarf, the socks, erm, and the bolero and the little black dress. I don't think the dress would suit me, though, I suppose it depends on the what invitations the party season provides...

Congratulations to kotn for another fabulous issue, and happy birthday to you!


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Mithranstar said...

Hey guys, how are you both?

Just wanted to say sorry if I was rather random on Wednesday night. That single bottle of cider went straight to my head! I'm glad now I had the less strong one as who knows what I would have been like had I had the 7% one!

Hope you've had a good week - remind me to pay you for the cider (as I totally forgot on Weds) next timeI see you.

Have a fab weekend,
Melissa x