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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

stick your mince pies!

Craig and I have been excited recently by Sainsbury's promise of Ecclefechan Tarts. Craig might have been a bit more excited than I as I have forgotten go get them every time I have been in this week - I live very close to a massive Sainsbury's so I treat it like a corner shop.

I do try and use the corner shops but they seem to be run and staffed by such unpleasant people that I would rather spend my dosh elsewhere. Most of the people at the check outs seem to love talking to people and I always get asked how I am and they wish me a good day etc. They probably recognise me by now though! Anyway - why am I going on like an advert!

Ecclefechan Tarts is where I started. I remembered them this morning. Craig's Dad is from Ecclefechan, a Scottish Village, just over the border close to Carlise. We thought it would be nice to bring some to C's Dad as he lives in Spain.

I couldn't find any tarts; the place was over run with mince pies and reduced price Champagne. I was tempted by the Champagne on Saturday which probably accounted for me forgetting the tarts. After a while I plucked up the courage to ask the Sarf Landan branch staff where I might find the Ecclefechan Tarts. The third person I asked just turned away, probably beleiving that the wierdo in front of him surely cannot exist so it's ok to turn away. The fourth person took me to the Eccles Cakes. A fair try I thought. But, no, I wanted Ecclefechan Tarts!

The fifth person went into the stock room. The the rubber and clear plastic doors swished as she fled from view. Minutes later she approached me with a pen and a piece of cardboard box. 'Could you write down the name of what you want, please. No-one recognises the product.'

I did mention that there are boards hanging from the ceiling above the checkouts saying, 'as seen on TV', as there is apparently a national TV campaign about these tarts. Apparently they have sold 100,000. I supposed then that I had answered my own question.

I mentioned the boards agin. She asked me too take her to them. I did, there are several of them about 10ft square. She laughed and realised what I was talking about. She said I'll take you right to them. Almost at a canter we arrived in seconds. Obviously the shelf was bare. She got a supervisor involved. They are good at tracking in the stock room, apparently.

After more minutes he came out and told me that they had sold out. I felt like I needed to tell him all about Craig's Dad in Spain - why I needed them - but I refrained. I asked when more will be coming in; tomorrow, yay!

I thanked them as they had been lovely to work with for the previous 10 minutes. When I walked away I heard the super say to the woman, 'There was hundreds of boxes of them yesterday, what happened?' She said, 'we must have sold them.' As I said, 100,000!

Anyway, it's funny not having a 'proper' job. I love it.

I watched a little bit of a program on Channel 4 last night about the rise and fall of sex bloggers. I am sure this blog must be very boring in comparison.

That said I will leave you without knitting, but with the word Ecclefechan. Say it out loud.


Knitelly said...

Fantastic post. Made me laugh. Ex

I Knit London said...

That was si funny. I can't believe Ecclefachan is finally on the map! I spent many many summers (and winters) there at my Gran and Grandad's house as a wee bairn and I love the place.

Never mind my Dad, we need these for the Christmas party.


Sue said...

I bagged you a box of EF tarts at my local Sainsbury!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's fantastic! I've been dying to get my hands on some of them ever since I first saw the ads on TV. Brilliant.