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Saturday, March 29, 2008


I've done 2 shawls recently. Clapotis, from knitty.com. 

This was for my mum for her birthday/mother's day. I used manos silk and I really enjoyed knitting this. The manos is brilliant; great to work with, soft and luxurious and very, very long! I only used 2 hanks for this project, I was amazed.

Shoulder shawl in Syrian pattern from Victorian Lace Today.
This was slightly less interesting to make but really easy. The pattern is just a 6 stitch repeat and only involves the knit stitch, yarn overs and simple knit 2 together decreases. I used 5 balls of Habu Silk Gima for this shawl. I only went up to 220ish stitches as this is a Christening shawl for my nephew, Louie. Consequently I thought it would be more stylish for a young man about town if it was without a lacy boarder.

The silk is brilliant to use and once worked it's gorgeously soft. It is a kind of 3/4 ply but they are not spun together they seem to be flattened/compressed and they separate in places when it's worked which really benefits the texture.

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scullyknits said...

I love your shawls- both equally but for different reasons