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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The times they are a-changin'

Gerard and I arrived in NYC yesterday (Tuesday) at about 10.30am. There's always something special about taking a taxi from the airport, through Queens and under the East River, emerging into Manhattan. But what a day to be here! Despite the jetlag we met up with a schoolfriend of G's, James, and stayed out very late celebrating with the rest of New York. After a few bars we ended up in a new spot called Wilfie & Nell to watch the results...

I went out onto the streets of Greenwich Village about 1am to take some pictures and it was an exciting and moving experience. We'd seen Times Square on the telly, where thousands of people had gathered, but downtown there were people shouting from their apartment windows, drivers honking their horns, singing in the street and smiles all round. There's a genuine feeling of change and excitement that isn't engineered, it's that thing that just happens when a mass of people all share a common emotion, and you can feel it in the atmosphere and see it in the faces. We're both feeling lucky to be here at such an amazing time - it really is a bit of history and one of those days when you'll remember where you were when you heard the news...Barack Obama is the next President of the USA!

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