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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

knits to share and care, part 2

In my excitement, I didn't write very much in my last post. There was much I should have written.

Craig and I are extremely excited that the book is out. The decision to use only my name on the book now seems odd. Everything that I do is entirely a collaboration with Craig. This book is no different. This book is By Gerard Allt and Craig Carruthers.

The book the sum of it's parts. The book would not have happened were it not for the talents of the many designers included in the book.

Emily Blades
Craig Carruthers
Heather Dixon
Eirwen Godfrey
Sue hanmore
Sue Hawkins
Julia Hopson
Just Call Me Ruby
Esther Knight
Jane Litgow
Judith Moore
Amanda Perkins
Lesley Prior
Celia Reynolds
Susan Ryder
Melissa Williams
Judith Wright

Thank you, designers, for your contributions. I think we have made a really good book. 

Thanks also to Judith and her team at Fil Rouge Press. Your energy, even during crisis, was flawless and inspiring. You'll be glad to know that I Knit London has sold lots of copies already.

thanks again to everyone. I can't wait for the next!


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