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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry knitting christmas

It reassuring to know that the Catholic Church is still promoting hatred, especially at this festive time of year.

I shouldn't let it but it does upset me very much that these people are allowed to make speeches like these.

It's ironic that we are such a threat to humankind, I've never heard of any homosexuals going to war and killing lots of people because of their prejudice and hatred of people who don't believe the same things.

Merry knitting Christmas.



Gabrielle said...

Crikey, I am in Vancouver - what faux pas snippet of British Catholicism did I miss?!

Happy Christmas both - don't let something that someone has said spoil your enjoyment of the festive season.

I hope that you have a great Christmas, a fab New Year plus a wonderful 2009!

Gabrielle xx

M-H said...

'ear 'ear. Such stupidity.

ambermoggie said...

and when it is coming from soneone wearing a frock and speaking to many other men all wearing frocks it is coming it a bit rich isn't it?
Have a peaceful happy midwinter celebrations:)

kiity chaos said...

Happy New Year to you both and i am sorry that this person is allowed to preach messages of hatred and incitement to hatred, i thought we had laws against this.....