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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Craig registered with Twitter the other week. He kept talking about it, another social network site that's kind of like a mini blog mixed with an online forum. In case you don't know, you can choose to follow, or not, any of the other people registered, and each post appears as they are written, you can even reply.

Craig kept talking about it and I kept trying to ignore it. I completely ignored it until Monday. Since then I've become very interested. I can't stop tweeting. I tweet all the time. So much so that I thought it was very funny when Vanessa found this button in our button bowl!

Thank you Vanessa, I love you. And I love my little button. And I love to tweet!

Anyway, back to knitting...

this is happening now!

this is a picture of Craig on the go.

In the middle of this picture is the divine Biggan, of Biggan design.
and heres another shot!


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