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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Knit a river, a small update

I was typing away at the laptop this morning (the classes and presentations for the show in September is going to be great!) when a lady shopper asked me if I was the man who did knit a river. Craig was there so I said we both were. I forgot my face was on the flyer so that's why she recognised me.
She said that a portion of the river was delivered to her husband at The department for International Development. I could hardly believe. I'm not writing his name, but I did, recognise it and I was thrilled.I asked if he still had the section of river, she said, 'Oh, yes! He has it! It's still there!'She gestured with her arm to indicate it was up on a wall!

Love it! well done knitters!!!!!



yogicknitter said...

That is so good. Lets hope he thinks very carefully about the reason that it is up on his wall each time he looks at it. Knitters are changing the world.

April D said...

How great that you were able to send something that would be kept and remembered. A simple letter would have surely been discarded. BRAVO YOU!