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Sunday, April 05, 2009

The recent Facebook debacle...(and Ravelry too)

Over the past few weeks I have been sorting out the number of websites I subscribe to. It was all getting a bit much there for a while and I wanted to take stock and clear out the virtual clutter! You know sometimes when you feel like there's too much going on in your head to cope with? It was bit like that....too much to do, too many log-ins to remember, too many places to go and update profiles, too many message boards and too much time spent in front of a computer!

So, while I was taking stock I left a number of sites, including Ravelry and Facebook. Ravelry was too all-consuming for my liking and after a couple of upsetting spats in the message boards (where, recently, the levels of personal attacks and bitchiness seems to have reached fever pitch) I've decided not to use it any longer. I'm a sensitive soul. The I Knit Ravelry group is still going strong with almost 1500 members, and Gerard is still an avid user, but I haven't been on the site for a month now and it's amazing (and a little sad) how much better I feel for it. I still have my log-in to update anything in the group if need be, but I'm prone to taking things personally and I can do without having to worry about where the next sideswipe is coming from when we've got enough on our plate at the moment as it is.

One of the side effects of leaving Facebook, temporarily, as I sorted some things out was that our Facebook Group was taken over by someone else. With a complete deletion of all of our information, events and message boards, the group is now under the control of someone called Birol Metin and is now an anti-Guantanamo Bay group. Even if you agree with the sentiment, you can't agree with the wholesale hijack of a group with 850 members. If you are in the group please use the 'report this group' link to do so then leave....and join our new Facebook Page instead!

There's little chance of the group being restored. Contacting Facebook in itself was a trial which took about 10 days and I have just had the response that, basically, it's not their problem, the group wasn't hijacked; I left so it's fair game for anyone to come along and message all of our members and change anything they like. You'd think that after the recent debacle over Facebook's change of terms and the backlash they had they would be a little more helpful and responsive. I'm amazed they think it instils any kind of confidence in using the site at all. I'm staying on there as I do find it entertaining and useful to keep up-to-date with friends etc but I'm deleting any photos and personal info as I simply don't trust them to protect it.

It's been a bit of a rant today, but it's better out than in my head. I need all my headspace to remember my online passwords and PIN numbers.



yogicknitter said...

That is such a shame. I do hope you will pop in to the Iknit London Ravelry group now and again because otherwise I will really miss you. You are fun to have around. I am sorry to hear about some of the bitchiness that has been going on and have noticed what you have been talking about and it makes me very sad that some people just have nothing better to do with their lives. You on the other hand have plenty to do and keep you occupied rather than to get involved which is great but don't desert us altogether because the very large majority think you are really fab and a great guy. xxxxxx

HeyYeah said...

I agree with Mel!

Ravelry can get bitchy on the forums so I tend to concentrate on things to do with knitting techniques and ignore all that other stuff.

GreenPea said...

No matter how and where you decide to be involved, I hope you know that you and Gerard make a huge difference to how much I enjoy and can be involved with knitting. IKnit has changed knitting in London enormously and completely for the better. I hope that you can continue to enjoy it too (and that other people allow you to).

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mel too. Ravelry is so great it would be a shame to stay away just because of one or two silly people, who may have their own **** to deal with. Maybe just avoid certain boards.

2ply from Ravelry said...

It is a shame - but 1 nasty comment always seems to weigh heavier on my heart than 10 lovely comments, even though my head tells me different :( so I understand what you mean.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the trouble you've had on these sites! I have just signed up for my Ravelry Day ticket and was SO hoping to meet you all there! However no doubt I will be in London sometime so will come to the shop. Or maybe even one of your very own events. Whatever, I will join your New Facebook page!
Best wishes
I think you DO A GREAT JOB!