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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just as the newsletter gone out the zauberball arrived.
I love this yarn.

I'm not a huge fan of variegated yarns, especially socks but it can get a little annoying doing a whole sock or glove in a single colour. I really like the self striping yarns, for ease and my favorites are the huge stripes, like the zauberball. Its a single, which makes me love it more. It's a 4ply weight so perfect for socks and gloves and anything else small, like baby clothes, to keep the stripe. It's 75% wool, 25% nylon so machine washable - even better!

We only got 1 kilo so I doubt that will last long, Vanessa had already pocketed some and come up with 15 patterns to make things as sample for the shop.

Hayley has also made sure to stake her claim so they are reserved but that still leaves loads and more has been ordered.

We also moved the shop around a little at the weekend. We moved the sheep, again, and covered it with colinette point five. It looks great, I think you'll agree.


Hand Knitted Things said...

Thank you for this yarn review. I love the way it's packaged and the colour combinations. Will see if I can get this "up north". Thanks Julia

Astar said...

I love the way you can have a perfect normal day that involves the sentence - 'We moved the sheep... again"... tee hee

Anonymous said...

The sheep looks fab and don't you dare sell all that zauberball before my next shift!

Anonymous said...

Is that a superlambanana I spy hiding under the sheep?!

Anne-Catherine said...

next time in london I need to visit your store!Looks great and inviting! Hello from Switzerland!
Anne-Catherine Luke

JayNic Knit Knacks said...

how many stitches should i cast on witht his for socks?????
this is the first tim i've knitted socks and i'm lost