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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crochet, Christmas, classic movies and Caroline or Change

It's been another busy week. The Wednesday meeting at the New Players Theatre was much smaller affair than usual but just as enthusiastic. They had the most amazing garlic bread with cheese I've ever tasted. There was a nice relaxed feel about it, even though there was a rush to finish stuff in time for Christmas. It was great to see Tom's huge scarf getting a public airing, it's so big I bothered that it might never get cold enough to actually wear it.

I'm getting there with the Tapestry hat for my lucky Secret Santa recipient. I was struggling at first but have got into the rib and it's going to be finished in time. Hurray! Unfortunately, out of all the people I thought I'd knit presents for this year the only one seems to be somebody from work. The family will have to wait til next year for theirs. There is such pressure to get everyone somehting knitted this year I just don't have the organisational skills to plan that far in advance. Not like Jon, his fabulous cardy for his mum was done and dusted weeks ago.

Gerard's crochet blanket is storming ahead though. Gorgeous Wensleydale pure wool, it's just perfect and his crocheting skills have usurped the knitting for now at least. I'm going to stick with the knitting for now and get more and more adventurous. it seems socks are the next thing cos everyone's doing them and I'm not.

We had some great news for the shop this week too - we got our premises licence. This means that we can officially supply alcohol to all those knitters who need some sustenance or just a relaxing glass of red over their knitting. Now there's even more reason to pop in and stay all day. We had a new face at last night's boys' night, and thanks to David for popping in at 2 in the afternoon and staying all night. We've also now got a licence to show films so we'll be having get-togethers in the New Year for a session with an old classic. It's taken an inordinate length of time to sort his out, what with

On the knitting group front, I've managed to grab a bunch of tickets for the brilliant musical Caroline, or Change at the National. On the 27th we'll be having the meeting there in the foyer and for those who want to see it there are some top price seats (£37.50) reduced to only a tenner. I first saw this show on bradway with Tom and loved it, and I'm so pleased we managed to get it to come over here. It's not your average happy-clappy musical though so don't expect any tap-dancing or jazz-hands.

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