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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Knitting with nets, secret Santas and the smoking ban pub crawl.

This knitting isn't good for the liver! We had a lovely Wednesday night meeting last night in the shop, mulled cider, choccy biscuits and Bing Crosby on the iPod. Ahh Christmas is here at last but we must be the only shop in the country that hasn't got a tree yet. Actually, Bing outstayed his welcome after a few numbers so we went back to shuffle. Nice biscuits though, and cider. Thanks to Jon for slaving over a hot stove with clementines at the ready and welcome back to Chris who hasn't been for a while but will always be welcome.

Work continues apace with the net curtains (started this months ago but as I do I put it to one side while I got on with other stuff) and it's taking on a nice shape. I left it unattended in the Pit Bar on Sunday night and it was vandalised with the addition of pink yarn and hideous acrylic spangly stuff...but I've kept it in as part of it's organic growth...and it looks quite good too. It'll be hanging up in the kitchen doorway soon, and I might just raid our stash and heap in a load of old yarn to give it a lift.

We also picked our secret Santas at (proper) work and the lucky recipient will be getting a stylish Rowan Tapestry hat...it won't really be a secret when he gets it but hey-ho. I usually end up getting someone I don't like (of course I like everyone I work with, who doesn't?) but this year I'm pleased and the hat will be lovely.

Gerard and I have been busy restocking after Rotterdam and we are wetting ourselves with anticipation at the gorgeous box of Tilli Tomas that's somewhere over the mid-Atlantic as we speak. There's also a box from Shetland winging it's way to Bonnington Square as well. I just love being in there surrounded by the wool and huddled around the heaters all snug like (and a mug of cider in one hand and a bit of knitting in the other - a bit tricky that). Speaking of multi-tasking I heard of someone who took up the needles to help give up the dreaded weed and has ended up doing both...at the same time. Can't quite work out where you hold what though.

Speaking of which, it's officially happening on the 1st July next year - that's no smoking in pubs no more! Hurray! We will be arranging for a very special IKL pub crawl for that day so keep your eyes posted on the website for further info. Perhaps we could link up with all the knitting groups in London and have a whole unofficial knit-in-the-pub Sunday? We'll see. We had a visit from the lovely Melanie who runs the East Dulwich knitting group at the weekend and we were inspired to celebrate the ban. Melanie's group have been lucky enough to find two non-smoking pubs already in the area so if you're one of those knitters who likes their yarn fresh after a hard day in the pub then go and see them on Sundays at the Herne Hill tavern.


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