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Monday, December 04, 2006

A licensed pit of darkness, a trap of temptation, profligacy and ruin

So Charles Kingsley said of the Old Vic Theatre in the 1850s....and at the weekend you could add knitting to the list. We had a great time Sunday night at IKL's second club night for knitters. The Shellacs, Jodie Paxton, Gerard's rum n raisin n banana cake, beer, Lindy-hoppin' and loads of knittin' and purlin'. I've had a long day at workj today recovering from it, not least the bike ride home at 1am with a trailer full of yarn.

It was such a great do, and by midnight the knitting was still going strong. We had some non-knitting friends in who appeared stunned at the sight of a floor full of knitters and a floor full of dancing sharing the same space with three wind-up gramophones and copious amounts of alcohol. I'm still deciding whether to use the quote "It's the most surreal evening I've ever had" on our fliers in future. Thanks to everyone who came down, old and new and non-knitters alike, cake bakers and lindy-hoppers.

An especially big thanks must go to Jodie who tinkled the ivories in fine style and belted out 'Video Killed The Radio Star' like I've never heard it before, and the gorgeous Shellac Sisters who mustered up the wartime spirit and battled through a dodgy amp supplied by yours truly (care of the National Theatre).

The full photo gallery is now online at www.iknit.org.uk/photogallery-ikloldvic.html if you want to relive the soiree. We'll be doing it all again in a month's time so put it in your diary now and you might even get a seat next time.


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