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Saturday, February 10, 2007

win, lose or knit

We started February with a visit to Carlisle for the wedding of Craig's sister. It was a very cold day in the north but we had a brilliant day and the bride and groom, obviously, looked gorgeous. Craig read at the wedding and we all felt very proud, it was also great to see his Dad, too, who was over from Spain.
This is me and Ali. She was a bridesmaid, apart from the bride, Ali has the most beautiful eyes in the north.
It snowed in London and in other places. It's been really cold but brilliant to have snow - I hope you are all knitting lots to keep you warm! The TV news the night before 'warned' us of snow and I couldn't help but feel a bit old by remembering that when I was young we got snow more regularly and I was really happy about it! London tends to worry about falling apart when there is a spot of 'extreme' weather. You'll be glad to know that we're all still here, just a bit colder and soggier than before. There has been much more snow around the UK!
The snow didn't hinder our trip to BBC broadcasting house (although it took Jon over two hours to get there). We were there to try our luck on the quiz show Eggheads.
Here are some of the pics from the day. I will not tell you how we did on the show but it was a very exciting, surreal and an unforgettable day. All the production staff were lovely, Dermot Murnaghan was gorgeous and the Eggheads were great.
don't we look great? I sat closest to Dermot! I was team captain (!) so I spoke the most. I'm not very good in these types of situations; the anxiety tends to freeze me. Esther was chosen by the producers to be the standby, I thought about falling off the set or pretending to faint so I could get out of it...
We made egg cosies for each of the eggheads. Daphne and Judith liked us most as they both knitted. They talked with us for a while after the show and they were really nice. Because it was a quiz and because I'm from Liverpool I had the idea that it would be a bit of a battle and I went in thinking it would be a bit of a clash but it was so relaxed and all the Eggheads, Daphne and Judith especially were lovely.
Shop news; we've had a couple of massive deliveries, including one from Rowan! And lots more expected, so much so that another trip to the flatpack shop was required and so there are more shelves than ever to display the gorgeous yarns and things.

We also got lots of and tables chairs so there will be no messing on Wednesday nights in the shop from now on! As the shop knitting nights are so popular, but only once a fortnight, we have decided that every Thusday night in the shop will be a knitting in the shop night! So, come on down!
We will soon get a big television for the shop so we can have film nights, we'll keep you posted...if you have any ideas about the films you would like to see...

...also, we had a nice suprise when we opened the latest Simply Knitting. They have featured our website, Craig is very proud! The shop part of the website is being upgraded as I write (I don't think Craig sleeps!). We have never had the complete range online but we will over the next fews days...
And finally, bad news. The German embassy have refused to meet with WaterAid if we are going to have a public demonstartion outside. They have told us one or the other. So we have had to cancel the public lobby, I will let you know as soon as it is rescheduled.
Gerardxx and Craigxx

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