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Monday, March 26, 2007

Dancing to Dolly...

Rounded off our week at Wembley Arena in the presence of Dolly Parton. She was brill. Slightly frustrated as it was all seated, and, although you can't dance to everything I was itching to get up instead of tapping my thigh like someone in an old folks' home. All very reserved and English I suppose to sit there and nod your head. It goes without saying that for Islands in the Stream and 9 to 5 everyone was on their feet. Funniest bit of the night was the woman behind who shouted for an encore of Stand By Your Man only to be told a firmly by her friend "that was Tammy Wynette!" She did a great set, one of those where you don't realise how many songs you know until you hear them again, the only disappointment was she ended with Jesus and He's Alive! - although having said that it is a great song!

It was a brilliant night, and ended with a bit of a posh moment for both of us on the Tube. Naturally, the knitting was out and after a while someone said, "Sorry, but are you the guys from I Knit London?" Well, how strange, two more Dolly fans on the way home, and on our mailing list! Thanks to Jenny and Laura for making us feel a bit like celebrities for a few moments! Strangely enough, we'd also spotted someone else in the crowd who recently emailed us about teaching him to knit, and he's a real celebrity (ish). All a bit surreal, but we had a good laugh about it afterwards. So, Jenny and Laura, don't be scared to come along and crochet/knit anytime, we'll sort your casting off out for you.

Had an email from Jon today, who has finally got himsef a spinning wheel (above). Not content with dyeing his own yarn with Kool-Aid (what that must do your stomach doesn't bear thinking about!) he's now on a mission to turn fleece into his own yarn. Apparently, he also received some dung-laden fleece too. Nice.
Craig IKL

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Anonymous said...

Really hope that we didn't freak you out too much last night! Was lovely to meet you both and am looking forward to beginners crochet.....

Laura and Jenni