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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pop and perry...

Started the week, on Sunday, at the Pet Shop Boys concert at Hammersmith Apollo. Blimey, it was good! I am slightly obsessed with them though, being somewhat of a fan since 1986 after my brother introduced me to their 'Disco' album. Anyone who knows me, and knows my brother will appreciate how ironic it is that he's the one who got me into PSB! Gerard (who mysteriously doesn't have the same taste in good music as myself) stayed at home, and probably did some knitting. I was dancing me socks off though. I've had a bit of a pop-filled week, actually, and I went to the Retro Bar Tuesday night for the pop quiz. This used to be a staple night out for us before IKL took control of our lives! Again, Gerard stayed in (knitting, he's obsessed with his Victorian Lace Today) so I went off and nearly won it too (with the help of a couple of friends). I was rather proud that in the Stock Aitken Waterman round we got 100%...even The Reynolds Girls.

I've started another project! I know I said I'd finish my tanktop before I even thought about starting something else, but, for various reasons that's not accessible at the moment so I'm working on a baby cardy for one of our kits. We're trying to get a range together for beginners, or as gifts where you can get yourself a box of yarn with a pattern - nothing new there I suppose, but our little 'noodle kits' are quite cute. I think knitting for babies might be the way forward for me, the knitter's need for instant gratification is satiated much quicker when everything's teeny.

Last night's knitting in the pub was another late one. After the delights of The Crown & Two Chairmen (does a few bottles of Brothers Pear Cider count towards your five-a-day?) the last few stragglers ended up in The Stockpot on Old Compton Street. Really, we must put an end to this high living. The knitters tonight were a small but dedicated bunch and worth missing Big Brother for! We're not going to get all hoity-toity about it though cos we like a bit of lowest common denominator telly just as much as everyone else; we'll be making our Friday men who knits night into a men who knit-stroke-eviction knitting sessiosn very shortly. Quite a bit of yarn untangling went on last night too:

We also missed DSB in Vivienne Westwood (at the British Soap Awards), which, quite honestly, if I'd known about I'd never have left the house. Blimey!!

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Knit1 Blog1 said...

Hi Gerard and Criag, thanls for your post. We would love to show some of your fab knitting in the exhibition as well. If you go to my blog and send me an email, I can send all the details to you. I'm very green eyed asbout the PSB concert - oh to be in London!