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Sunday, July 29, 2007

back to knitting

so, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was brilliant. There was a couple of slow bits but I loved it nonetheless.
Now, it's back to knitting. I'd had most of this week off but I did finish the second pair of socks in a row. They are presents and although they were not ready in time I think they will still be welcome. I blame some knackers on a train for ruining my mojo on the fourth sock, I had to rip it back, honestly I believe in democracy and freedom of speech but when it comes to travel I think people should sit some kind of behaviour test. Either that or the national curriculum should include parenting lessons. Or both! The socks are in Easy Knits exclusive colours, they go out to the sock club this week and then the shop will be stocked with the most fantastic range of colours I've seen, Realease the Stars is my favorite, I wish I had had the yarn with me at Glastonbury..."The more that you fight, then the more they will scrutinize and realize just your size, And believe me, you are no match for the public that has seen no ?? Didn't you know that old Hollywood is over?"
I also rediscovered my Victorian Lace Today - I have stalled on my second scarf as I got to the final stage and realised there was a pattern error in the first section! Anyway - I'm going to finish that gorgeous peach Habu Silk scarf this week.
Reading Harry Potter has reminded me how much I miss reading and I will endevour to read more as I knit. Any tips would be most welcome...
I just watched a program on BBC1 called The Great British Village Show and oh how I wish I had time to make jam and grow marrows! I have never made it a secret that I would love to be part of a WI - is it sexism that excludes me?



Alice said...

I think we should start a urban-orientated version of the WI (still with the jam making and village fate-ness of it all, but acknowleding the issues of making jam in the city) which allows boys too.

Anonymous said...

aha, your secret is out - I cannot wait to bring you a jar of 'defence against the dark arts' jelly next time I pop in to wangle your winder! The Yorkshire contingent have given me three sheep fleeces, some cashmere fleece (yes, from our own goat-type animal) and some assorted unlabelled yarn skeins including socks weight and Twilleys of Stamford freedom wool. Felted slippers here we come! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon, esther x

I Knit London said...

If there's anyone in the universe who hasn't read HP and the DH then we now have a free copy going in our bookcrossing zone. If you don't know what Bookcrossing is then look here - www.bookcrossing.com - if you do then pop in and get your free books. It's the best way to declutter and make the whole world a random library of books.