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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter

Recently I have been using this blog as way of confessing, remember - Hello, my name is gerard and I am 34?
Well, today I would like to tell those reading that I love Harry Potter. I've read eveyone and I was very excited to be purchasing the last book last Saturday morning. I sat on a very busy train and sank out of a hangover as I dived straight in. I have ben reading the last book very slowly - I can admit to crying, cheering and biting my nails with anxiety, jubilation and dread.
I am about 150 pages from the end of the book and while I want it to go on forever I can't wait til I get to the end!
other big news this week - Craig is on ravelry. Whatever! Oh and SnB, did we mention that? we've barely slept all week.

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