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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hanging out on the SouthBank...

Today we hung the knitted river form the roof of the National Theatre in London. It looked amazing, and WaterAid's volunteers were on hand to talk about WA and the river to the hundreds of people walking by on the SouthBank. It certainly grabbed folks' attention which is what it's all about - every time we do something like this I always feel quite humbled by it - we started the whole thing over a year ago and knitters around the world took the idea and ran with it...thanks, as always, to everyone who contributed. If you still want to help WA you might like to offer your services longterm - they hold hundreds of events all year round and are totally dependant on the time and efforts of their campaigners. Volunteering can be a really rewarding experience in more ways than one! Check their website here for how to get involved in the UK, USA or Australia.


Sue said...

That's amazing!



Melissa said...

Oh wow, it looks so cool!

Sorry not to be there, was working all weekend. Hope you had a really good response though!

Wednesday night was a good laugh, good to see you!

Melissa x

Liz said...

OMG that's fantastic!! Sooooooo long! Hoping to visit the shop soon.x