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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support about our recent appearance on Eggheads - the BBC 2 quiz.

We lost. We were robbed. We were told there would be no trick questions then we got a trick question - if you watched you will have seen that I found both my questions very tricksy! I wasn't so good on the show but the other 4 were brilliant, especially Craig. Craig is brilliant.

We had so many plans for the £55 grand. Craig said last night that he still can't beleive we lost £55K - my response was, we didn't! We never had it so we we could never loose it, we just didn't win it.

A special mention to our teams mates, Jon did amazingly well - they didn't show it on the telly but he and Ms Keple went on to compete in about 8 sudden death questions! He was great but for the lack of citrus knowledge.

Science Tom was also amazing. He was robbed!

We didn't use Another Tom very well. We should have put him in one of the rounds and left me alone. I was actually the only person who knew it was The Geneva Convention!

Anyway, I hate mucials and I wont deny it!

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