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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I love sundays

Today is my favorite. I started a new scarf yesterday but didn't have a chance to get much done but I got a lot done today. To be honest the scarf was started a few weeks ago when I finished a hat in Rowan Cocoon, but yesterday I ripped it back to add a few extra stitches.
This is my shifting sands from Grumperina, made in Rowan cocoon.
Sunday is also my favorite because I love cooking but don't get much time to spend in the kitchen these days.
I just had to take a picture. This is soked fish risoto with prawns, mushrooms, peas and spring oinions. It's in honour of rosie, She makes amazing food, particularly risoto. I saw her this week and she starts a degree course in Bournemouth tomorrow. Have a great day my love.

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