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Monday, September 17, 2007

no sneezing please, we're sick!

Today Craig and I are both sick. I do not dare suggest my illness is in any way simliar in symptoms or severity. I have man flu. Well, that's what my sisters call it. I have a bit of a virus which is giving me headaches and a bad chest. Craig sneezed yesterday and the screams were unmerciful. They drowned out my coughing.

This is the medal I got on Saturday! I ran through a cold, got lots of asthma which helped the lurgi get a little stronger.

I love my medal. The sun was shining and it was really warm, nice day and I ran the 5K in 35 minutes. I'd hoped to do a little better than that but I had to walk for some of it as I couldn't breathe! The things we do for trees!

We need more of them! especially in cities! Thank you to everyone who sponsored me. If you haven't and you would like to please do so, here www.justgiving.com/gerardlovestrees

I've spent most of the time since in bed! I'm really scared about the marathon!

Being sick and off work is made so much more unbearable by Noel Bloody Edmonds!

You'd think all this time meant I had got lots of knitting done. Well, I haven't. It's hard to concentrate. poor me! He's a picture of where I'm up to with my Easy Knits sock yarn. I've stopped holding my breath for more Easy Knits stock for the shop. I still have hope though.

This is just a very standard pattern because I love the colours so much. It's called Release the stars. I'm still slightly obsessed by that album.

I spoke with Brandon Mably the other day and he's very excited about his UK Stitch 'n Bitch gig. He'll do a couple of hour knitting in colour workshop for a lucky 8 or so people. All the workshops are free.

I'm really looking forward to the pub meeting this week. we'll be in the Lamb on Lambs Conduit street. Craig is actually feeling much better and is seeing a physio tomorrow so he maight even be there, too.

We're also excited about moving the film night, probably to Fridays. The Wednesdays in the shop are so popular we we decided to open up Thursday nights for a regular weekly knitting club in the shop.


Lizzy said...

Get well soon, I've been off with the same today, woman flu in my case, far worse than man flu I think :) It gave me time to start a new cardy though ;)

Knitelly said...

Well done for earning that marvellous medal. And with man flu too! I hope you're both feeling better, I'm looking forward to a catch-up tomorrow at the Lamb!

Just call me Ruby said...

sorry to here you're both poorly, but well done on your run. I'm very impressed.

Get well soon