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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This is my new favourite thing! I'm not a fan, usually, of knitted stuff on animals but who could disagree with this pattern?

I've wanted a dog for the whole of my life but I've never had one. Well, years ago I found a stray when I was about 8. I lived in a circular block of flats and one of them was empty so I managed to gain entry and I kept the dog in there for weeks. I realise now that this wasn't a great idea but I loved her so much.
I haven't thought about that for years. Anyway, I'm getting a hamster!

The authors will be at the SnB day on Saturday for a workshop - I can't wait. I hope they bring the animals.


PS sorry for the hideous pictures, this book is gorgeous!


scullyknits said...

Such a acute story about the doggy. I will knit you one!

bronchitikat said...

Suggest you invest in thick leather gloves. Hamsters can bite. Knitted gloves just aren't up to it.

You might also consider connecting a battery charger to the wheel - get it to work for it's living!

But it does look cute in that woolly hat thing.

Have a great SnB day. I, alas, shall only read about it.