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Monday, November 05, 2007


can anyone shed any light on the phenonenan of spamming, please?

I've always just deleted them and tried not to be bothered. Until recently. I am marginally irrate today, after spending most of my lunch time deleting the little bleeders!

Maybe I'm not very bright but I just don't understand the point. Since 1pm yesterday we received hundreds of useless emails. I don't care about stock markets - and I'd never take the advice of someone I've never met, especially in an email! I don't want to increase the size of any of my body parts - nor do I want to reduce any! I have no idea what Personal Puss is and frankly I don't want to know!

I just don't get it. Why would someone waste their time sending these things out? surely there are more rewarding things to occupy your time, do I dare suggest knitting?


knitting dragonfly said...

Love your blog!! Spammers, I know, what a pain! Why do so many of them think I need to enlarge something, lose weight or find enlightment. If only.

Louise Brown said...

I'm slipping in to work mode slightly but do you have spam filters fitted? Have a look here for loads of useful info www.icthubknowledgebase.org.uk/spammanagement

Anne said...

Try spam filters as Louise has suggested or create a junk mail folder and set up a rule to send anything from anyone not in your address book to that folder. Then check it every now and again for genuine emails that may have slipped through.

BTW, your shop is great. I love visiting.