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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I met The King

last weekend we went to Liverpool for to see my dad becoming 65 years old and to go to my nephews baptism. I was god father for the third time which is great but the poor child even had god on his cake.

The Priest was amazing. He talked about Jesus loving you even if 'you ended up in jail or did something more stupid'! 

I guess he knows his audience. I must point out at this point that my newphew was not the only baby being baptised. The baby next to us was born to a mother with glamour model aspirations. Craig didn't know where to look and was genuinely concerned about her catching cold!

Louie and his family were the stars of the show. He refused to be wrapped in a shawl but his mother carried it all day. His middle name is Phillip, after his dad. The Amazing Priest was quite old and was delighted to be baptising a young buck named after a king of France, Louis Phillipe. For the entirety of the ceremony The Amazing Priest called Louis The King. Fantastic.

He is The King. He is Glorious. And the love and energy he has inspired is equally as amazing. He is The King and he is glorious and beautiful and so are his family.

[I'd like to show you some pictures but blogger will not let me at the moment]

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