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Thursday, April 17, 2008


We've sold all of the Elizabeth Zimmermann books, actually the only last 2 and half days but I managed to keep a copy of The Opinionated Knitter for a little while. (there are lot more on the way, though, due for arrival by the weekend)

In the time I had the book I was able to make the 2 things, pictured below.
This hat was so so easy, it took about 3 hours, and only that long because I started the 3 spiral hat and did 20 rows before I changed my mind, ripped back, and started the 5 spiral instead. I used Cornish Organic chunky which was a delight to knit. It's so soft and easy to used and comes out really well and completely itchfree.
I love love love this pattern. This is my first surprise baby jacket and I know it will not be the last. It was also very easy. I made it for Louie but it came out so small. I think people back in EZ's day must have eaten a lot less! (Something I am going to try, one day).

I used Manos Silk on 4mm but I think I will use 5 or 5.5mm if I do this with the same yarn again. I used addi lace which might have made my gauge a lot tighter. I don't usually bother with the gauge and I don't mind that this is small as if it doesn't fit Louie, as I know it wont, it will fit my other sister's yet to be born baby.

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Anonymous said...

Just loved the jacket. Great colour choice too. Doesn't Ted, Edward... look smart? Jacqueline