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Thursday, April 10, 2008

London pride

Last Sunday we both walked across the windy, snowy Waterloo Bridge from where we saw the set up for the Olympic torch relay. Our disinterest in the occasion seemed to be shared by most other Londoners, with a flaccid crowd of spectators overrun by a well-organise bunch of protestors. We saw the approaching Coca-Cola advert (there was a bus hidden beneath) and the farcical deployment of our police service riding motorcycles and lining the route.

Some of those free 'news' papers have suggested the whole day was an embarassment to London - far from it. I'm proud that in this country it's possible to stand up and demonstrate and have your voice heard without fear of persecution. This was far from an embarassment but a moment to be proud of. The whole worldwide journey is a crass attempt to advertise China as modern, democratic country irrespective of it's appalling human rights record. What was really embarassing was the likes of Konnie Huq and Denise van Outen smiling inanely amongst the Chinese bodyguards and police - surely there are better ways to promote your 'career'?

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