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Monday, May 12, 2008

Congratulations to Cliff

As we count the days towards this year's I Knit London Eurovision party and the musical event of the year (what do you mean you disagree?!) let's reflect on the news that yet-to-be-Sir Cliff was cheated out of his 1967 win by the fascists in Spain. Don't believe it...read more.
I've always been a secret Cliff fan. His work during the 70s and early 80s is up there with the best. We must forgive him his excursion into Stock, Aitken and Waterman and all those bloody Christmas songs, and forget all about the Lord's Prayer one. Eek. But, perhaps if he'd been rightfully crowned Eurovision king in 1967 his career would've taken a different route altogether. Maybe Franco is responsible for the Millennium Prayer after all.

That's right, a year before Lulu boomed and bang-a-banged her way to Eurovision victory, and a year after Sandie Shaw barefoot Puppet on a String, Cliff made up the UK hat-trick of winners! Only Franco paid off the juries and secured a win for Massiel instead (below).

La La La indeed.

Cliff deserves to be declared our 2nd winner - how's about a performance of Congratulations on 24th May?



Nathalie said...

No aoplogies please!
Thank you for using your freedom of speech and your right of opinion and to have the courage to express it! In some countries people cannot do it for fear of their life, have we in the Western World decided to aseptise and censor everything for the sake of avoiding to hurt people's feelings??? Please say no!let's be grown up about it and just accept and enable every one to their own opinion and to their right to express it!We don't want to be repressed individuals do we?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't forget about Cliff singing the Lords Prayer. It takes guts to sing that and take the flack from people like you. Not many people have guts like Cliff. That's why he's so popular. And anyway, wether you are religious or not the Lords prayer has stood the test of time for solid reasons.
May peace be with you!