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Friday, May 23, 2008

Selling out

There's been a bit of a trend by advertisers recently to use knitting in their campaigns. We're all for it, even if they play up the 'kookiness' of craft or the traditional ideas of those who knit as opposed to the real situation. Yes, old people do knit, but it doesn't mean there aren't millions of other people of all ages taking it up and making stuff too! Some of these ads have been controversial amongst knitting circles for their subliminal images of knitters, who they are and what they represent, whilst others have taken them as a sign that the craft is growing ever more popular. Surley there aren't enough knitters for the ads to be aimed solely at that particular demographic! So, why use knitting in your ads - we have to assume it's still quirky enough that admen think it'll grab the attention. Considering some of the requests we get at IKL this is probably the case...sadly I don't think we ever quite live up to the image they expect of us. Below there's a few ads that have used knitting in the last few months alone....let us know what you think.

The latest to come our way is this brilliant poster from a French newspaper showing Jack Bauer knitting a gun - it's an ad for Tv on demand so the idea is that he won't have to wait any longer for 24...and for those who care, no, I don't think he is actually knitting, he's holding those needles all wrong!

The Shreddies ad, featuring the 'knitting nanas' caused a bit of a storm - we think it's sweet and funny, but aren't too keen on advertising Nestlé in the first place! You can watch the TV advert here.

Staples TV advert (2008)

Vodafone posters (2008)

Young at Heart film poster (2008)

Love - The Musical poster (2008)

If you see any more let us know, post them here in the comments.


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Now if only I could remember the one with the child knitting a sock. It's for sofas IIRC....

Anonymous said...

There was a poster campaign for the Economist (I think) that featured knitting although I can't recall the details now. It ran about a year ago.