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Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm not a monkey

I mean, I'm not Boris Johnson.

But if I was what I would probably do now is -

With reference to my blog post of 3 May entitled I Love London. I'm really very, very sorry for my comments and for offending anyone who was offended.

I deeply regret my actions and statements and I am now committed to rectifying my mistakes and making up for it by publicly apologising and retracting my statements.

However, I am not Boris Johnson.

I believe what I wrote and I am still devastated by the outcome. I do not take any of it back. The post has been edited as I am a little embarrassed that I could not control myself and censure myself. 

I do not usually use such language in public. I understand and accept that people are offended by that language but this my blog and I did not write it to provoke or offend. I wrote it because it is what I felt. I am glad that people read it. I feel sure that I will not use language like that again, though, for the following reason.

I am a little annoyed that I was a bit squiffy when I heard the result and this combined with my anger made me act too quickly and I produced a less than eloquent diatribe that does not adequately reflect my IQ nor my my understanding of UK political processes.

That said the post certainly did reflect what I was feeling. I am sorry if you were offended but I meant every word of it. 

Boris Johnson will make a terrible London Mayor and I am sure his actions will prove me right in the coming months and years.


I am responding to a comment left on the post


Jean said...

I'm sure I speak for many in saying how much I enjoyed and appreciated your post on the election results - and I was sure in need of something to enjoy. Please don't feel bad!

Knitelly said...

Um, I'm very late to the party, but I wanted to say that I'm surprised you felt the need to write this post!

I appreciate that some people found the tone offensive, but I think you addressed their concerns in the comments. I can only guess what the edited version looked like, but I don't doubt that it is what most of us are thinking.

Now, what I WOULD like to challenge, is the, ahem, "very little swearing" in the shop. Or maybe it's just me who does the swearing?


Anonymous said...

I voted for Boris and still didn't feel offended by your post. (I didn't read the original, only the edited version.) It is your blog - why censor yourself? I love your shop, by the way.

Gerard & Craig said...

hi all (nice to hear from you knitelly)

thanks for you comments. I do admit to feeling a little embarrassed which is why I wrote the second post.

We never swear! especially in the shop! nudge nudge wink wink.

I am sure there will be no swearing on Saturday during the results of the Eurovision.