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Friday, October 03, 2008

A day out in the Park

A day off! They don't come around too often but both Gerard and I had a day off together today. As I work full-time at the National Theatre and G is full-time in the shop we don't often manage to get a whole day...even on Sundays we tend to be buried in work. So, we left the shop in the hands of our Friday girl, Celia, and we headed off...to Thorpe Park! I know, we're probably far too old for it but it's nice to just let your hair down now and then (even if you haven't got any).

I'd never been and at the end of the day you do wonder how hideous it must be in the height of the summer, but we had a laugh. We probably spent about 30 minutes in total actually on rides and the rest of it queueing but while we were on the rides it was worth it. The last one, Stealth, was genuinely frightening. I don't think I've screamed so much in my life (and it only lasted about 10 seconds!). I got bored of taking my camera out and having to out it away again each time but I did get a few pics. G took along his new Lang sock yarn which made the queueing less boring for him (even if he did get his nylon in a twist...)

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