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Thursday, October 02, 2008

thursday is for socks

We had another delivery today. Lots more sock. This time it's Lang, a fab German yarn that's come in so many colours and different blends that I was exhausted just looking at the shade card.
There is also lots of shades of self patterning which are fab, and they are all machine washable.
I managed to so a little of one of them, tiny, tiny, tiny sock!

Then all of these people turned up and now I'm in the corner while they are having a fab time knitting and chatting over a bottle of cider or a glass of wine. Thanks to karen for the gorgeous sample of organic spanish red. I had something called vino terrano (home brew) on new years eve while staying with craig's day in Spain. It was powerful stuff and I had heartburn for 3 weeks afterwards. This wine is not like that, it's lovely.

There was over 35 people in the shop tonight. It's marvelous. There is even someone granting wishes! It's a funny looking wand, though, so I'm not holding my breath!
This is Christine with another Victorian Lace Today product. Although you can't tell from the angle of this picture, Christine is just as happy with her shawl as the baby is!

I love Christine - she has become very interested in artesano alpaca. btw, I also love Denise, who is friends with Christine, thanks for the biscuits, Denise, you're a star!

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M-H said...

Mmmmm... Artesano Alpaca... My partner Sandra and I bought some skeins from you guys in May. We made things for my son Mat and his partner Roberto, who live in Hatton Garden, and you can see them here. we loved working with it and the colours are wonderful.