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Monday, October 06, 2008

striped hat

This is the second thing I made this weekend from Erika Knight's new book Men's Knits. It was very easy and looks really good, especially on Craig. It done on 4.5mm with artesano alpaca/wool aran.
Striped Hat

Striped Hat

Striped Hat

The next two pictures, of Craig and myself, are taken with us wearing the gifts from Erika. Craig is in a huge Blue Sky Alpaca jumper and as you can see he is excited and looking forward to winter! I love my cardigan, it's hemp and it fits so well I think Erika made it especially for me! Thanks again, Erika, we love them both.
Even more gorgeous!
I don't think it's the cardigan that makes me camp, unfortunately. I am booking in to de-camp school.

Thanks to Jane for the pictures.


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Anonymous said...

I am knitting this cardigan and up to the instructions for the left front have found it easy to follow. However I think there is an error with the placement of the first buttonhole. If the right side is facing then the button hole should be at the end of the row or have the wrong side facing to make the buttonhole at the beginning. can anyone confirm this for me? cottonon (ravelry ID)