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Friday, January 12, 2007

what a week!

The end of a long and amazing week. The WaterAid job is amazing and we're very busy at the moment with lots of meeting this week and I have been asking people for the last two days 'how are you supposed to get things done when you are in meetings?' The things will get done, it just means they are done with a air of suppressed panic. Gareth will have to wait for his hat though!

The week began rather disappointingly, the sign we love that was on South Lambeth Road which told people we existed was stolen on Sunday night. The sign was rather heavy so we got into the habit of leaving it on the street. It was locked to a lampost, though, so the theives must have broken it to steal it. We were very annoyed and upset and although I don't hold a grudge it has been very easy each day this week to wish that the theives fall down the stairs.

To the theives who stole the sign we worked hard to pay for - I hope that you fall down the stairs. In addition I hope that you are carrying the big metal A-board and that it hurts you more on the way down.

On a brighter note Craig and I were interviewed by the lovely Fiona (below modelling her gorgeous handknitted scarf) for Resonance FM. The show goes out tomorrow between 3.30pm and 4.30pm so if you have the chance please do. We might be busy ourselves - more on that later...

Anyway, it's friday night, the men are here and I'm not knitting!


ps Craig has stopped blogging probably because I have taken over post camera present - if you miss him just holler!