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Monday, January 01, 2007

looking forward


Craig and I wish you all health and happiness in the coming year and beyond.

We had a great NYE which started at the Victoria and Albert Museum for a look around their textiles rooms. Although not much was on display the garments were amazing and the examples of crochet and lace work dating back for hundreds of years (some more than 1500 years) were inspiring. I can't wait for the galleries to be open fully later this year.

This was just before midnight. We'd had a small pub crawl from Knightsbridge to The Retro Bar.

There were a couple of bottles of this!
Craig isn't asleep. Nor is he drunk! Well maybe a little drunk.
There was a range of hats but I think you will agree I wore the best. Ellie co-ordinated her hat with her blowy thing.
Although we were about a minutes walk from the river we could not leave the pub as about 6 million people came to London for the firework display. We watched it on the pub screen. I may have been a bit tipsy by this point but I think we could hear the fireworks from outside as well as from the screen we watched them on.
It was odd to watch them on the screen knowing we were so close to them.
When we left the pub just after 1am there we thousands of people on the strand. It was amazing to see so many people, sometimes I wonder how London doesn't sink under the weight!
So, happy new year and happy new knitting! My major knitting ambition for the coming year is a big lace shawl.
Now I can crochet (a little bit) I might even push myself and crochet a shawl for my mum.

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