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Sunday, January 21, 2007

pom poms and nipple tassels -Saturday night at the Royal vauxhall Tavern

Thanks to Amy Lamé last night at Duckie at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern was craftastic. Amy kept me company in the shop yesterday afternoon and she finished a beautiful scarf in colinette point 5. Thanks for the cakes. There's one left, for Craig.

Another calorimetry finished pre Duckie...when we got there we found Amy at her activity island in the middle of the dance floor where she was organising the pom pom table. We dived in and I made an anorexic pom pom while Craig made a gorgeous black and white stripe pom pom which I had to be involved in to make myself feel better about my effort; I did a little bit of finger knitting to hang the pom pom and make it stand out even more!

Then I crocheted a little which is quite hard when you are not that good and it's dark and you've drank wine.

Then...! Another show started, the gender bending burlesque! I caught the nipple tassel!!! It was funnier last night than it was when I found it in my pocket this morning. That might be because it looks a little lonely.


amy lamé said...

Hi G & C thanks so much for your pom pom creations! I am taking them to Seville next weekend as the finest examples of British pom-pom-dom. I'm hosting my friend's club there, and running a little crafty corner too. FYI I have finished *another* chunky scarf and have been trying to teach myself to purl (cause i wasn't paying proper attention the other day Gerard!) I need help 'cause I want to make one of those calorific thingys this week. I am coming on wednesday for an hour or so before the theatre. can you spare me a few teaching moments? Also so excited about Knit-tastic Duckie. Can we have a chat abt naming it on wed. too? look forward to seeing you cheeky chappies x x x amy

Nippits said...

Wow. I so adore knitted stuff. Ha-ha I wonder if all-knitted pasties can be adhesive though. :)