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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Remember Brandon Mably? I do! He's inspired me.
I've just started on the very cushion cover Brandon is showing off in the above picture. I've nver done any colour knitting that is even nearly this complicated. I hated it to begin with; I couldn't comprehend bobbins!

can you see where I have worked out how to use bobbins? I was annoyed and embarrassed that I couldn't get it and Craig was amazed as I'm usually so good, obviously and I was getting very frustrated but I got it! Lat night was the turning point, 20 rows in!
This pic makes it obvious! I was getting into a terrible mess and I was almost mourning for the yarn I was wasting with all the strands!
Look at my bobbins! There are loads of them!!!!!!!! I even have a finger!!!!!!!!!! I've changed my mind about the colours and wish I had done others but I don't care at the moment.
It's done with Jamieson's Shetland Heather (double strand) on 5mm needles.
I'm utting it down now because another knit, or rather sew, a river panic attack has just began to encircle me. Time to sew!


Alice said...

ah, what you really need to do is learn to knit backwards, that is the key of such complex colourwork.

there is a knitty article on it somewhere, I mastered it via a basic google search

WorkingWords100 said...

Great effort! You are doing well.

Keep it up!

elan said...

If he ever does a seminar near you, it's really worth going. It's an expensive but very inspiring experience & I'd pay to do it again. Good for you, the intarsia looks nice and smooth.

Wye Sue said...

Glad to be able to come and see the shop and help with a little bit of river sewing yesterday.

Hope all goes well next weekend

Suemoon said...

Looking Good!

I owe you money for chips!