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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

turn and face the strain

Nothing ever satys the same. One of the more interesting things about life is that change is inevitable. Consequently, it is interesting to note that recently I have noticed myself changing, this is a new phenomenon and I kind of like it.

For example, when people ask me if I drive I usually say, 'We prefer to be driven'. This comes from my teenage years when I used to consider my sisters stupid for spending lots of money on driving lessons when I was going out and partying all the time. Often when I needed to get somewhere by car a friend would be around to do it, and those friends seemed to be much less interested in a little glass of cider than I was so it always worked out.

Now, however I am 33 and I must make my apologies to my beautiful sisters and bow to their wisdom and forethought. Having said that I think neither of them drive often and one at least is too scared to drive on a motorway.

Another example - a friend in Liverpool tells me all the time that I have changed so much so since I left, I think she means not just in what I do but how I do it. She was amazed that I went to the Glastonbury Festival. She was more amazed when I said I loved every second of it.

I write all of this as I am working on a new 'to do' list, a kind of to do in life list. I've never done one before and it's quite exciting. I realised years ago that I am very fond of making plans - if I can't make plans I would get very bored and confused - hardly any of these plans ever become reality but it's not the winning it's the taking part, no?

1, Learn to drive - I've already applied for my provisional drivers liscence
2, Run a marathon - I've eaten quite a few (in the old language) but I'd like to run one. I've rejoined the gym and both yesterday and today i ran for 15 whole minutes each time. I stopped as I had allocated only 10 minutes for that part of my life(I thought I was being optomistic!) and I had to be somewhere! If it wasn't for that I might've gone on longer - anyway, 15 minutes for me is really something to celebrate.
3, Get married - ooer!
4, Sing at karaoke - this may be the most challenging. Karaoke is hateful. I'm nervous in front of people but I've been doing lots of presentations with my job so I'm getting good.
5, Knit a lace christening shawl for a neice/nephew.
6, See more of my family.
7, Become vegan. I spent a couple of months eating (mostly) raw but then the shop opened and I didn't have the time as virtually everything you eat has to be prepared yourself.
8, Get an alotment. Friends in Liverpool have had alotments for years and I am always very keen to help when I am at home. There is a film set on alotments coming out very soon, I'm very excited.
9, Finish Brandon Mably cushion. This seems unlikely at the moment as my hands and arms are very sore from this project, my first knitting related injury.
10, Dye my silver hair pillar box red.

There are lots more. Loads of knitting related ambitions and many more personal and professional, I'll kepp those to myself for now but I will continue to add to the list. And hopefully tick them off as I go.


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WorkingWords100 said...

When I was on holiday in the UK,
I saw alotments on my train rides between Vicky Station and Redhill. I was impressed at the care that the people showed for their little plot of garden between the railroad tracks.

I saw vegetables and flowers being planted.

I saw more and bigger alotments from the train window when I went north to Scotland. I guess there is more unocuupied land the further north that one goes.

Good luck with it.

My mother loves to garden, but I am just the weeder. I don't plan nor plant at all.