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Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer knits and keeping fit

While Gerard plans on changing his life (we'll see about the red hair!) I made a little change this week and went to the gym for the first time in my life. Now I know that for those who know me that may come as a surprise, as I am so honed and svelte that you must all think I'm some kind of fitness guru, but actually it's all natural ;) Anyway, with the onset of the mid-30s and now that we have a fridge in the shop stocked with Corona and Magner's, I decided that at 7am on Tuesday I'd give the old cross-trainer a go (that's the thing where you move your arms AND your legs in a kinda 'going up the stairs whilst pulling yourself up on the bannisters type motion). All I can say is that there is a very weird netherworld of tracksuit-clad freaks out there who, rather than lie in bed for an extra hour, are sweating away in front of Beyoncé and Shakira and the like. I first experienced this in New York in March when we spotted the same species 'working out' (as I think they like to call it) at 2am through the windows of a gym - I didn't realise that we had succumbed to it over here. To get to the point, I felt quite invigorated, but bored, and my legs hurt. Of course, now I've taken out a mortgage just to pay the fees I will have to keep going, so expect a rippling torso next time you set eyes on me.

It's exactly this time of the year when being in Bonnington Square is really worth it - the shop's huge glass windows look out onto the Pleasure Garden (slightly obscured by yarn) and when the sun's out it's really beautiful - genuinely relaxing and, although only a few hundred yards from Vauxhall station you could be forgiven for thinking your in your own little village. We've had a couple of gorgeous nights this week with the knitting group - Wednesday night I cycled back late from the National Theatre and joined in the knitting - we had, amongst others, visitors from Canada and the US, plus Nikki from Purple Kitchen who we haven't seen in ages and who was very helpful when I, as I always do, messed up my ribbing because I was talking and drinking too much!

Then last night we had the film night - The Band Wagon - Fred and Cyd and That's Entertainment! I'm really quite grateful for the film nights - with two full time jobs and running the shop til late each night I can just pretend I have a life and watch the film...it was a quiet one last night but still enjoyed by all present. Next week we're showing Rita, Sue and Bob Too! - that's another reason I like Thursday - we can choose whatever film we like and anything with Black Lace, gang bangs and huge loopy ear-rings will always get a look in! Very excited that we've almost got to grips with the technology to project the telly too - just in time for our Eggheads appearance, but, sadly too late for Eurovision and the American Idol final (Melinda was robbed I tell you!)

It's hot isn't it? Spoke to my dad (who swanned off to live in Spain a few years ago) and it's been raining all week. Felt a bit smug.


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Knit1 Blog1 said...

HI Craig, love your blog site and reading about life in London. Was interested to see the knit a river project, I have seen it elsewhere and will now follow it up. I am hosting an exhibition on knitters who blog, here in Australia. I'd love to invite you and Gerard (?) to participate. Check out my blog and send me an email if you are interested. cheers Barbara